Advanced SEO Tip of the Week: Common Internal Linking Issue to Watch Out For

One of the most common internal linking problems that I see on sites that are simply dilluting or sometimes even losing the power of their internal linking is when for example they link to an internal page with:

I say this is a problem because not only have you maybe linked to this page maybe so have the other websites as well and then when you do a header check on this url you will see that it is usually a 301 or 302 redirect to the following:

See the difference? the 2nd one is the one with the trailing slash /. This does make a difference as on most server setup’s this is a 301 redirect from the top link to the bottom link. Yes, all the search engines should be counting 301 redirect links but some take time to do this and this is just a simple discipline that you can use internally to never have to rely on the search engines to value all of your links and fix them for you.

The other problem you can run into is that some setups actually count these as 302 redirects which:

301 Permanent redirects pass page rank/link juice
302 Temporary redirects do NOT pass page rank/link juice

Now, does your website link to internal pages without a trailing / ? Does it do a redirect? Check your header redirects here:

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Advanced SEO Tip of the Week: How to Get Page Rank Passing Links From Your Facebook Fan Page

Many of you have been wondering how to capitalize on Facebook fan pages to get links and I have come to show you how to get do-followed links from your fan page.

First, let’s start by understanding that your default links from your info page are no-followed. In all examples posted below anything that is highlighted in pink means the links are nofollowed. (I am using the seomoz toolbar to highlight these nofollowed links)


Now the next area most would think is ok I can make wall posts and include a link back to my website which will pass link juice. WRONG! Let’s look at links posted to our Facebook fan page and see that they are also no-followed as well:

So as you can see here on the left, the actual link posted within the content of the story is the link to which is actually no-followed (in pink).

If you notice the source of the story is actually a redirect which the link is

When checking the header of this redirect you will see that it is a 302 temporary redirect which DOES NOT pass link juice.

So now that we understand the normal facebook links you get from your fan pages and how they do not pass link juice, let’s explain how to get those link juice passing links.

#1) Browse applications

#2) Search FBML

#3) Add to your page

#4) Now edit page, and edit FBML
#5) Name your box, and create your html content
Remember when inputting your html here that if you are using images to use an alt tag <img src=”logo.jpg” alt=”keyword”>. Using an alt tag within your images will help let the search engines know what your image is about aka anchor text for a text link.

#6) Choose if you want it as a tab, or better yet have it as a wall box like we have done, YOUR DONE!

So now this link is a clean link that is followed from my facebook Fan page! (which you should join) You can also input text links, if you would prefer. But for those that struggle to try to monetize Facebook this is another great way to continue to brand/promote your services/products on your default page.

Most would ask, why does this link count? We’ll its one of the most trusted sites on the internet with millions of links to the root domain and also check your PageRank of your fan page. I have seen fan pages that have PR4-6, remember all those pages on your site that you link to your facebook fan page? Those pass link juice if you are not no-following those.